User interface designed

by me
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My design include best practice to structure elements, blocks, pages.

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Atractive to audience

Get more traffic to convert users in buyers by effective design.

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Prototyping for wide range screens without additional payments.

My skill - do simple logical
interfaces, easy to get anybody,
even robots
Alex Pospelov
AleX Pospelov
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Already done

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Design and redesign

Over 10 redesigned websites with all control of migration and switching styles.

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Over 30 websites optimised for search with total immersion in the project.

Hi, story-telling - the main trend in marketing right now because it's simple, well structured, enjoyable and emotional. One well told story can interest, add value and sell your product. In my daily work i keep in mind this rule and make a stories out of each pages by UX/UI design.
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