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Order the creation of a landing page

When the task is to design a product or service offer on the site, there is a need for a landing page design that will perform this function. The final result depends on how well and conveniently the object of the transaction will be presented. To meet your expectations with the result, pay attention to my service for creating a landing page. This will help make the page attractive and predictive of the user's desires, which will affect the conversion of the created page.

Landing page goals:
  • Increase sales
  • Increase conversion
  • Attract additional traffic
  • Reduce customer cost
  • Run a successful advertising campaign

Stages of creating a landing

1. Brief
Fill out and send the RS to the landing page. Landing page design work is carried out in accordance with your requirements and desires, however, the brief is needed so that we equally understand the task and rely on the result formulated in the RS.
2. Consultation
Oral or written consultation for clarifications and questions, if any. It is always helpful to discuss the nuances of the design solution at the beginning.
3. Wireframing
The stage of prototyping the page and agreeing on the basic structure of the page. There is an option where you come with your prototype and provide me with the stage of final rendering of the landing page.
4. Website design
Final design and approval. Communication with the Customer regarding the implementation of the design.
Price: 200$
Order the design of a landing page
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Landing types

Based on the website structure
  • Landing
    A unique landing page where all information about the product is placed with the aim of obtaining the target action here and now
  • Sample page
    Landing page template used to generate content on pages of the same type
  • Unique-type page
    Landing page template containing universal (standard) blocks with the addition of unique content specific only to this landing
By type of target action
  • Selling website
    Landing, the task of which is the sale of a specific product or service
  • Website with conversion structure
    Landing page, the task of which is to familiarize the client in detail with the product and provide the client with an opportunity for a convenient conversion: call, application
  • Single action page
    For such a landing page, only one target action is important, which most often consists in subscribing to something or submitting a form

Landing page examples

Design works