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Website redesign - a service for processing the visual component of a website. Distinguish redesign of specific pages and redesign of the template. In both cases, we are talking about changing the style of presenting information on the site. Updating the site design is relevant in cases of outdated appearance of the site, archaic functionality, global rebranding and the desire to increase the conversion and attractiveness of the site in the eyes of visitors.

Website redesign goals:
  • Style update
  • Adding functionality
  • Product rethinking
  • Conversion boost

Stages of website redesign

1. Brief
Fill out and send RS for website redesign. The work on redesigning the landing pages of the site is carried out in accordance with your requirements and desires, however, the brief is needed so that we equally understand the task and are committed to the result that is formulated in the RS.
2. Consultation
Oral or written consultation for clarifications and questions, if any. It's always good to discuss the nuances of a redesign at the beginning.
3. Wireframing
The stage of prototyping site pages and agreeing on the basic structure of the site and pages. There is an option where you come with your own prototypes or site structure and give me the stage of final rendering of the product.
4. Website redesign
Final redesign and its approval. Communication with the Customer on design implementation and migration control.
Price: from 700$
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