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Website design is a demanded service for the visual design of a product and the design of information about a company, product, service by presenting it on the Internet. UX design of a website is the process of designing an interface, taking into account the circumstances in which a user of a web service may find himself. It is important that the focus is on the interests of the user, so the main task of the designer becomes to provide the tools for the user to interact with your business.

Website design goals:
  • User research
  • Interface design
  • Product design and styling
  • Thinking through the logic of interaction
  • Providing clear and simple interaction tools

Stages of creating a website design

1. Brief
Fill out and send SR for the site design. The work on the design of the landing pages of the site is carried out in accordance with your requirements and desires, however, the brief is needed so that we equally understand the task and rely on the result that is formulated in the RS.
2. Consultation
Oral or written consultation for clarifications and questions, if any. It is always helpful to discuss the nuances of the design solution at the beginning.
3. Wireframing
The stage of prototyping site pages and agreeing on the basic structure of the site and pages. There is an option where you come with your own prototypes or site structure and give me the stage of final rendering of the product.
4. Website design
Final design and approval. Communication with the Customer regarding the implementation of the design.
Price: 200$ / page
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Website types

Based on the website structure
  • Landing
    A simple landing page that is designed to encourage the user to take action on the site. Often this is buying a product, signing up for a subscription, or making direct contact with a business.
  • Business card website
    Information site that gives an idea about your business. Before such a site is not set the task of solving business problems, it is informational, fact-finding in nature.
  • Corporate website
    This type of sites is similar to business card sites, but is a larger project for large companies, when it is important not only to give information about yourself, but to tell in detail about services, prices for services, show your team and the results of your work.
  • Online store (Ecommerce)
    Web service for selling or dispensing goods. It should be considered as a full-fledged channel for the implementation of your business tasks and making a profit, with this in mind, you need to provide your site with additional traffic and fit it into the structure of your business.
  • Online web service
    Over the past decade, a wide variety of Internet users have begun to perform their tasks on the Web, from editing photos to watching TV shows. The design of such sites is closely related to the format of the materials that the user works with.
  • Portals and catalogs
    These two types of website provide users with the ability to obtain information in the form of lists or wikis. Such resources also include media sites, blogs, online knowledge bases.

Website design examples

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