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Website usability audit

Usability audit is the work of analyzing and testing the user interface in order to check the convenience of the resource for users, and the result is an analytical report with conclusions and a list of measures to improve the interface based on weaknesses and strengths that affect the behavior of visitors on the site. The main part of the work is a UX audit, where all interface elements are considered: navigation, site structure, content blocks, functional elements, their adaptability and correct display on various devices.

Audit goals:
  • Usability analysis
  • Flaw detection
  • Interface development
  • UX improvement
  • Conversion boost

What is included in a website usability audit

Niche research and website semantics
Selection of direct and indirect competitors
Completing the competitive audit brief
Identification of improvement opportunities
UX/UI Analysis
Terms of reference for website usability improvements
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Based on the results of the ux audit, you get

UX analysis
Completed UX analysis brief
With fixation of initial data, goals and objectives of the audit
analysis by competitors
Comparative analysis by competitors
Summary analysis identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the site's UX
RS pack
RS pack to work
RS pack to improve website
Google spreadsheet
Google spreadsheet with backlog
Access to a shared UX task backlog

Comprehensive website audit work

In addition to a usability audit, work is often carried out to assess the technical condition and analyze the site's link profile. You can get the whole range of work by ordering a comprehensive website audit or by adding one of the types of work to the usability audit.

Why you should contact me

  • I speak the same language with you.
    I have a deep understanding of both the marketing and technical aspects of digital product development. If your tasks are wider than traffic growth and you think about the brand, users and what benefits your product brings. I will understand you. And besides, I can convey to technical specialists what and how to do, taking into account your requests.
  • I have soft skills Product-owner.
    I am energetic and proactive in solving problems. Often, inertia, ignorance, or simply lack of time becomes the reason for not achieving the result. Allow yourself to entrust your product to me once and you will see how easy the processes of communication, approvals and implementation are debugged.
  • I build interaction flexibly.
    At the first stage of work, I get acquainted not only with the product, but with you, your tasks, the team. Looking at the resources that you use and the dynamics with which you want to reach the final goal, I independently regulate the processes so that the project has a constantly positive development vector.
  • I work with you in the same team.
    If we cooperate, rest assured, you can always contact me for advice, consultation and get a detailed answer to your question. If you need me to be present at a company conference call or even in the office, you can count on me. You and I are in the same boat, which means that everyone has a pair of oars in their hands.

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